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Close the Borders

Most politically active citizens are educated suburbanites who have never seen the inside of a factory. They have never experienced how, in rural and poor areas, the flood of cheap immigrant labor forces poor citizens out of the manual labor job market.

Open Borders Diminish Civil Rights [06/29/11]
Support GA House Bill 87 to Create Job Openings [6/24/11]
Why Isn't Immigration a Democratic Issue? [01/04/11]
Close the Borders: Develop Mexican Industry [06/07/10]
Close the Borders: Citizen Job Bonus [7/16/10]
Support Unions: Stop Immigrant Undermining [10/30/10]

Support Merit Unions

Merit Unions will guarantee workers get a 1% per year raise, but will also demand that at least some workers get larger raises based on performance. This will allow for worker advancement while protecting owners from unreasonable wages.

Right-to-Work Laws can Coexist with Pro-Union Laws [01/04/11]
Support No-Pay-Raise Unions: Workers Rights [10/30/10]
Restrict Megaunions & Support Grassroots Unions [11/29/10]

Support Self Education, 2nd Class Accreditation, and more practical high school education

The collegiate system has become a bloated hustle producing graduates who can't find jobs. If Abraham Lincoln could educate himself from within a log cabin, then all Americans could benefit from more self-sufficient education.

Second Class Professional Organizations [12/11/10]
Promote Accredited Self Education [06/09/10]
Teach Court Procedures in High Schools [07/17/10]

Implement New Water Solutions for Atlanta

Mandate Micro Water Recycling for Atlanta [10/22/10]
Build Tributary Reservoirs for Farmers [10/23/10]

Other Platform Items

Expand Commuter Rails onto MARTA Rail [7/16/10]
Promote Family Values Taught by Others [05/30/10]
Regain our Rightful 'State Rights' [11/17/10]
Stop Tax Loopholes [05/24/10]

Expanded Platform:

Protect Consumers from Predatory Business

Control Car Repairs [7/17/10]
Stop the Car Loans Deception [05/30/10]
Improve Car Sales Procedures [05/27/10]
Stop the House Loans Deception [06/10/10]

Reform the Justice System

Make Victimless Crimes Non-Felonies [10/21/10]
Reform the Use of Testimony as Evidence [10/24/10]
Democrats are founded
on Citizen Civil Liberties
which includes keeping jobs.
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