Bill Bolton's
*** Back to Capitalism ***

Democratic Primary,
July 18, 2006


---- Items on Business Card; ----

Remove all loopholes stopping rich thieves*;
The concept of capitalism starts with every person having a level playing field.  However, when our tax system forces some people to pay for services that others do not pay, then the payers are put at a noncompetitive disadvantage against the freeloaders.

Pay churches for law, computers, teen-time*;
To help churches to pay for lost loopholes, there are services they can render.  Have the religious teach law and teach computer skills. The teaching of laws allows students to also be taught religious morals, relating history and morals.  For computers, because churches are ubiquitous, children without computers can easily walk to a church to use and learn computers.  Providing teen-time is a way for kids to come to local churches to have time for themselves. Its a way to reduce the load on YDCs.  The term church can be expanded to other groups. 

Allow no taxation for money to poor*;
Taxes for the poor should be near zero, and hence when charities give money to the poor they are passing along money that should not have been taxed to begin with -- meaning it can be tax deductible at the source. 

Provide computers for handicapped*;
Handicapped people are handy-capable when it comes to computer work.  We need a program that encourages them to become part of the economy to their greatest extent.

Legislate different types of marriages;
Churches frame marriage with a foundation based on a man and woman accidentally producing a baby, and then apply, when needed, this baby producing foundation to all marriages.  Same sex partners are sucked into the church's framing and futilely defend themselves as being able to have an accidental baby.  To protect civil liberties, laws are needed for different types of marriages. 

Encourage responsible abortions;
Families need to be responsible units providing taxes to the government instead of with some having many kids sucking the government dry.  Currently, our country is borrowing money to pay for these kids and for many other activities.    We need to cut our credit card. 

Create Competing HS curriculums;
Grades 11 & 12 should be made more independent.  Kids should be put into a more collegiate environment.  They should have more choice in their academic endeavors and more choice in their live's in general which would include their ability to get a school-sponsored job.

Provide free mass medical tests;
As society we have no problems buying roads that everyone can use, but we cannot seem to buy medical equipment that everyone can use. 

Expand MARTA rail;
MARTA should be extended to provided faster, more reliable transportation for its customers.  This includes more underground rails, a rail to suburb counties like Cobb, and a perimeter rail that goes around the city.

Control our borders;
Controlling our borders means we are a nation.  If we cannot control our borders means there will soon be something else that we cannot control.  And something after that.  Until there is no Nation. 

Prepay prison sentences;
When a sentence occurs, the state enters into the escrow account money to pay for the prisoners stay in prison.  This approach would provide an incentive for the people of the state to reform their educational system both before prison, during prison and after prison. 

Protect unionizing;
Employees should be able to spontaneously unionize develop in spite of deterrents by employers.  Consequently, the government need not be involved with the negotiations. 

Protect environment;
Environmental protection helps all of us.  This is why our nation needs a tariff to help our manufacturing.  If other countries have comparable environmental laws, then we might ought to drop the tariff for such a country.

---- Additional Items; ----

Remove all Diebold Voting Machines;
We need to remove any Diebold voting machines, immaterial of how good they might be.  We are not here to reward a company that would not provide the software to our machines.  Even in my own area, Cobb County, Georgia, we had disqualifying votes in a SPLOST vote in the fall of 2005.

Stop the GOD Nation;
The GOD nation is an indirect conspiracy by the Christians, who operate in secrecy, for the purpose of taking over the US and the world. The phrase "The means justifies the end" seems to be their motto and leads to corruption. 

Revive the JJ Nation;
The JJ Nation is an indirect conspiracy by civil liberty individuals wanting to keep the principles that Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson established.  It is under attack by the GOD Nation and the monopolistic bar. 

Make church/faith based laws generic;
Laws that are for the church and faith-based goals need to be open to all entities, where such entities meet certain generic rules. 

Stop Hopeless Prison Sentences;
Our legislatures are quick to throw people into prison and throw away the key, but they have no concept that the purpose of prison is to rehabilitate by punishment.  If people cannot be rehabilitated, then they need special considerations which could include enclave towns. 

Lead Democrats back to the JJ Nation;
Lead the Democratic Party to abide to Jefferson's (1805) to separating Church and State, to having collateralized debt, and to having smaller government, and to abide to Jackson's (1829) wanting a simplified depository US bank and wanting tariffs. This means social programs are not based on borrowed money. Furthermore, it does not mean indiscriminately giving money to the poor, as Newt (1995) caught the Democrats doing.

Teach court rules in HS;
Even when not knowing the law, one can look the law up and its supporting test cases.  However, for one to know how to use the courts requires some book learning and some on-hands exposure, which High School, HS, can provide.  Mind you there is a lot more to learn, but what you do learn will help you interact with your lawyer and help keep your costs down. 

Stop political loopholes to the rich*;
Removing all tax loopholes is the most effective  way to make sure that the gratuitous loopholes the rich use to scam American citizens are eliminated.

Try protecting jobs with tariffs;
There is no reason for our people to be out of technical jobs positions just because our leaders want other countries to have those positions.  The governor may be limited as to what can be done, but a Democratic governor can at least complain about. 

Allow charitable deductions;
Because the poor are in a near zero tax bracket, charitable gifts, whether money or not, would have no taxes associated with them and hence previous taxes paid on such gifts could be deducted back out. 

Provide 2nd class health care;
2nd Class Health is a medical program not associated with the established medical accreditation systems and monopolies.  The provided skilled health workers are those that tried but failed to finished the established accredited systems.  Any person can be a patient, and workers and the system are protected from law suits, unless purposeful harm cases.  Even though not providing drugs, it will try to put patients with possible drug providers, without guarantees.  Free 2nd class health care is better than no health care. 

Allow interest deductions;
Interest is an expense that should be deductible, just like in a business. 

Provide light YDCs;
Light YDCs, meaning light Youth Detention Centers, would provide a place for troubled kids to go to voluntarily be watched and helped on homework. 

Collateralize debts;
Collateralized debt means that each amount of debt that the government has is matched with a piece of property that can be sold to pay off the debt. 

Control monopolistic interests;
A monopoly is a company that is so large that it can drive competing businesses out of business.  A monopolistic interest is a grouping of entities that group together to obtain advantage power for themselves, usually by influencing the government.  This activity needs to be controlled.

Assist candidates;
Candidates that are helping the average citizen cannot obtain advertising funds as can a candidates that are helping large businesses.  This leaves citizens at a disadvantage to businesses. 

Allow prisoners to vote;
A fear that everyone should have is that our government puts so many people in prison (and some wrongfully) creating a situation in which, because they cannot vote, their lost votes affect who is elected.   Actually, our Georgia Supreme Court, along with other states, concocted a reason for them not to vote and it needs to be reversed.

Evaluate prosecutors;
It is impossible to legally prosecute a prosecutor.  However, family, friends and social workers need to enter comments, even unproven comments, about prosecutors into a database for which the state should fund, protect, and duplicate for activist groups. 

Educate prisoners;
Education can be done affordably, even though it may not be as good as that found at an accredited facility. Prison education would provide a basis for attending an accredited school or for working.

Limit capital punishment;
The errors in our justice system are too great to have Capital Punishment.  Robert Clark for 25 years, released in Marietta December 8, 2005.  Clarence Harrison for 17 years, living in Marietta.  Shareef Cousin from New Orleans on Death Row now living in Atlanta.  ...

Teach several religions;
We need to expand our public school's Bible study course to include other religions so we as a people have a better understand of all the people around the world.

Stop religious ostracizing;
Kids learn to ostracize by watching their parents ostracize, like when one might say if you protest the war you must hate your President.  It is a form of saying 'Either you are with us or your not.'  For schools, kids will ostracize their peers about religion which, for some parents, violates a parent's right to teach their children religion. 

Reform Social Security;
One important aspect of SS is that it provides a minimal bank account so that we the people can have some safe keeping of our money.

Reform tax code;
Kids and wives become individuals. Of course, remove all incentives and loopholes.  The national sales tax can also be implemented, but politicians will try clogging it with loopholes. 

Increase minimum wage;
We need the minimum wage, but we do not need it to be inflationary.  It is a balancing act.  It also requires a closed border. 

Change Iraq war mission;
I was and am for Jimmy Carter being the Secretary of Defense -- Jimmy wants to earn peace not steal oil.  Jimmy started a massive new fuels program but Republicans destroyed it, helping their oil buddies. 

Replace rifle policy;
The National Rifle Association, NRA, is, in my opinion, controlled by manufacturers of guns instead by supporters of the U.S. second Amendment.  A  policy change is needed leading to electronic locks. 

Legalize responsibility marriages;
With a responsibility marriage the bread winner finances the homebody and children based on minimum, proportional, and maximum standards.  Currently, marriages are partnerships that finance the homebody with half the remaining wealth of the partnership, but require outside intervention to maintain responsibility. 

Distribute taxes only after collection;
This is another way of saying stop all tax loopholes.  In other words, everyone and entity needs to pay their taxes, and then our legislatures can decide where the money should go.

Replace Tax Deductions with Deflected Incomes;
A tax deduction is based on the concept that income is reversed out of the original income and given elsewhere.  A more easily auditable approach is to first place the original income into a deflection account and then distributed the money to others before giving it to the account's owner. 

Separate Child's Taxation from Parent's;
By making a child pay its own taxes, which are usually zero, parents, grandparents, friends or anyone can deflect their pre-income to the child, allowing the child to pay the taxes on the pre-income, which occurs if the total is too excessive. 

*Depending on loophole legislation and other law changes.

(rev. July 05, 2006)