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Promote Accredited Self Education [05/31]

Self Education is the heart of Citizen Capitalism. One's capital can only grow by being educated. State laws determine if someone can practice a profession based on someone's education, but missing in this concept is the accreditation of self learning.
The state needs to create multiple levels of accreditation. Something I call first class, second class, etc. The 'class' term is used because if someone can spare the money they will want first class.  The difference between tier and class is that tier is still controlled by the monopolistic accreditation system, and classes are completely separate.  [06-03]
Based on this class system, there would be first class or second class medical centers. The benefit is that it is better to get lower cost, second class medicine than no medicine. The professionals that may run a clinic may be second class professionals that were self educated and passed the second class accreditations. Also, a self-studied professional may have passed the first class accreditation and could be considered a doctor, bypassing the expensive brick and mortar institutions. [05/31]
- by Bill Bolton and Will Bolton

Students Stand-up Class Room --  Some students just cannot learn in a normal classroom setting. Part of the problem is that they have to move around. Also, their mind might be moving around. To accommodate this, some schools have built class rooms having higher desks with stools and with bars that swing for the feet. This provides activity for the body so the mind can continue. Also, in a similar light, some businesses are providing higher desks with tread mills for the workers to be able to exercise while they work.  The point is that sometimes when it looks like self learning is needed, what is really needed is physical activity desks for the body so the mind can continue to work and focus.  [06-09]