Control Car Repairs [7 17]

Have you or someone you know been ripped off by an auto mechanic? I certainly have. I think my situation is similar to many. I took my car to somebody and asked them to figure out what was wrong with it, but to not actually repair it or do anything that would cost a lot of money. They proceeded to take the transmission apart, which wasn't even the problem, and charge me hundreds of dollars.
Unlike an apartment where you can just move out, or a restaurant where you can just get up and leave, when a mechanic gives you bad service, they have your car. They hold it for ransom as they extort money from you.
These practices are highly unethical and demoralize consumers. They slow down our economy because consumers feel hesitant to go out and spend money for fear of being exploited. Furthermore, large chunks of consumer money go to these crooks instead of being spent on multiple honest businesses.
I propose we enact new laws to protect consumers against these corrupt business practices. We should have a state agency to aggressively go after these people. After enough consumers have complained about a certain mechanic, that mechanic will be shut down.
-by Bill Bolton and Will Bolton