Bill                                  Bolton                             Governor        
Close the Borders

Develop Mexican Industry [05/30]

Illegal immigration is out of hand. It is flooding our working-class job market and violating the right of our citizens to work American jobs. Furthermore, it is diminishing the status of America as a sovereign nation, merging us with Mexico. America can't be a holding tank for the poor. The world is full of poor people and we only have limited room and resources. 
Illegal immigration is such a preferred option to Mexicans because Mexico is overrun with poverty.  The most effective way to slow down the process is to make Mexico a better place to live. I think that we should invade Mexico and setup a capitalist neutral zone along the northern edge of the country, stretching to about 100 miles south of the border. America would setup a safe area for Mexicans to flourish in capitalist activity. Unlike other countries we invade, in which we generally cause more poverty, we will give Mexicans the same labor laws, wage regulations, and social programs that Americans have access to. As a nation, we should be leading other nations as to how to provide a higher standard of living for their people.

-by Bill Bolton and Will Bolton

Voting qualifications need to be increased. [05/30]

Illegals Displace Citizens and Children for 20 years
We seem to be fearful of violating the rights of illegals and their children, yet we are not concerned about violating the rights of citizens.  It is as if a citizen has everything in the world and that they should feel guilty for having it all.  Nobody seems to want to talk about jobs that citizens lose because illegals take them.  The loss of a job could affect a citizen for 20 years or more.  The job loss could effect whether the citizen's children attend college, yet the illegal's children will become citizens and go to college, displacing the citizen's children.  No paper makes a photo op of the citizen's children when they can't attend college, but they do make one for the illegal's child when they are kicked out of school.  [05-31]

Hidden Displacement of a Citizen becomes a Statistic --
When a citizen losses a job to an illegal, nobody knows about it because the criminal employer is not going to report it.  So it shows up as an unemployment statistic as if the citizen lost out to another citizen. [05-31]

Nations Without Land Promote Guilt
Nations Without Land are usually religions whose goals are to promote their religion world wide, regardless of any nations borders.  Such groups, whether religious or not, will suck the life out of a nation until the nation is destroyed.  

As one promoter of illegals wrote: "And in Sunday school we were taught that to help the least fortunate benefits each of us."  [1]   The writer was trying to use one's natural want of a benevolent deity to create a guilt trip on citizens, even on the job displaced citizens. 

Of course, the writer's "Sunday school" wants more followers and children to grow its ranks, immaterial of  how it might destroy its protecting country. 

An alternative to these religions are not the benevolent gods that want one to give, as in socialism, but Gods that want one to be responsible.  Try[06-01]

[1] 2010-5-28, Marietta Daily Journal, page 7A, More Opinions; "Time for day of reckoning on immigration" by Michael Saul

Americans Won't do the Work
The phrase should be changed to "Americans Won't do the Work at that Pay".  It should be said, citizens will not do the job until companies pay them what they deserve.  However, paying citizens the higher price causes the product produced by the company to become higher, making the product non-competitive to sell.  We now are back to protectionism.  Because protectionism also allows for the higher pay, it also provides incentives for the company to automate.  By automating, the selling price of the product decreases, making it so protectionism can me removed. [06-02]

Survey for WSB Atlanta & League of Women Voters [06-07]
Q: What is your solution to the issue of illegal immigration in Georgia?
We should do anything and everything to close the borders.  Our citizens are being displaced by illegals and they end-up in our unemployment lines as Hidden Displaced Citizens.  They are hidden because the criminal employers are not going to tell anyone about the displacement.   Because of the lack of money of the Hidden Displaced Citizen, their children become educationally deprived unable to fairly compete with the children of the illegal parent who stole the job in the beginning.