Open Borders Diminish
Civil Rights [06/29/11]

Haym Solomon was one of the prime financiers of the American Revolution and pivotal to the success of the Continental Army. One of his other important legacies was individual rights. According to the Jewish World Review,  "Salomon helped lead the successful fight to repeal the test oath which barred Jews and other non-Christians from holding public office in Pennsylvania." 
The modern Jewish political direction seems to be in contradiction to Mr Solomon's efforts. Civil rights and equality can only exist within the borders of a sovereign nation who's policies uphold these traits. The modern Jewish agenda of open borders and globalization diminishes our status as a sovereign nation and our ability to uphold individual liberties. Latin American countries are notorious for corrupt governments and do not have the same level of individual rights found in the U.S. These immigrants are propagating their own culture instead of assimilating to ours.
They will eventually vote in their own leaders and pass their own laws which will make our society more similar to the one that they fled. Do we really want America to become more like Mexico? Do we really want it to become more like the cultural wasteland that compels their own people to flee?