Restrict Mega-unions and Support Grassroots Unions [11/29/10]

A union becomes a monopoly when it represents all the workers that provide a particular product or service. A mega-union is a monopolistic union or a group composed of several monopolistic unions.
Sometimes mega-unions, such as the auto union, can be so large and cumbersome that they prevent the companies they represent from competing with foreign companies by keeping the workers' wages impractically high. Mega-unions can still provide the benefit of giving workers fair wages, but they take it too far in favor of the workers. Mega-unions should be regulated by public service commissions but not dissolved.
One problem with mega-unions is that they can become as monopolistic as giant corporations. In contrast, grassroots unions should be part of capitalism without the need for government involvement. A grassroots union is composed of workers of a local company. Such a union needs to be cautious enough in their demands to ensure the company to which the workers belong is competitive with the other companies in the same industry. 
Just like monopolistic companies, mega-unions use their dominate position to manipulate the economic environment into providing them unearned wealth. These monopolistic unions give grassroots unions a bad name, making it difficult to pass laws that allow grassroots unions to form or dissolve. America needs to control mega-unions to ensure a fair economy.

-by Bill Bolton and Will Bolton