Regain State Rights [10/26/10]

With the rise of the tea party and Obama's crackdown on federal corruption, now is the time for a resurgence of state rights. States spend money responsibly and so should the federal government. Georgia and other states should protest the federal government's borrowing and spending. States also need to be able to test out programs with their own money because national funds are being given to states at such a large magnitude that they are forced to uniformly obey the federal government.

Demand for State Power

Now is the time for a resurgence of state rights. The Tea Party, which supports state rights, is gaining popularity; Obama is implementing banking regulations which lessen the ability of federal politicians to take financial support from the banking industry; and the corruption of the federal government is so publicly known that the people are ready for a change.

Federal Expansion of Power

Over the years, the federal government has seized more and more power. For example, FDR created Fannie Mae to make sure that people could get housing loans. It became such a success that, during Vietnam, President Johnson decided to partially sell it to private industry so that he could pay for the war. Other politicians insisted on creating Freddie Mac so that Fannie Mae would have competition. This would appear to be a transfer of power from the federal government to the private industry, but because these institutions could contribute money to federal politicians, it was actually an expansion of power for the federal government. Even today, Obama is the latest president to get political contributions form Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Federal Spending

The federal government and state governments are supposed to each have certain responsibilities for running the country. The states have rules against borrowing money which force them to spend responsibly. On the other hand, the Federal Government acts like a compulsive shopper who is constantly getting further into debt so that it can buy more stuff it doesn't need. The people don't yet feel the impact of this debt because they are not yet having to pay taxes on it.
The federal government shouldn't be borrowing money unless it is to aid in the acquisition of a distinct piece of capital like land or buildings, not military equipment. The condition of the capital is that we would have to somehow be able to get our money back out of it, like when Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase.

State Programs

Another area in which states need more power is in the ability test out programs. States should either use their own money for these programs or, if federal money is used, it should be allocated on the basis that it will be used on a specific experimental program with a defined time limit. Originally, the federal government gave states money for experimental programs, but since then these transactions have increasingly went to non-experimental, ongoing expenses that keep the states reliant on the federal government. If a state politician refuses votes to refuse federal money, even if it is for a useless expense, he can upset his constituency and ruin his chance for re-election.
With these experimental state programs, people can compare how a new program in one state handles an issue to how older programs in other states handle the same issue. This fosters competition between states to try to create the most innovate and cost-effective programs. Programs in other countries don't get objectively compared to our own programs because our nationalistic media ignores them or gives them a negative spin.

Georgia's State Rights

Georgia needs to stand up for state rights and take a realistic stance against federal borrowing and spending. We need to promote a balanced federal budget. We should demand that Washington focus on acquiring capital rather than doling out corporate welfare. Our state politicians need to be interested in helping the federal government control spending by refusing money that would go to useless programs. Only with state power can we save our nation.

-by Bill Bolton and Will Bolton