Support House Bill 87 to
Create Job Openings [6/24/11]

House Bill 87 Will Result in Job Openings

Though I am a democrat, I am proud that our state republicans have pushed through the anti-immigration GA House Bill 87. Illegal immigrants are now fleeing from Georgia and their former jobs are becoming available.
One of the primary industries for this growing job market is farming and it needs workers now. We should use emergency measures to send buses to impoverished Georgia towns and recruit citizens desperate for work. The buses would then transport them to Georgia farms where they can at least work for the season while the crop is being harvested.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Will Fill Those Openings

Many of these out-of-work citizens are felons because of our Draconian drug laws. The federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit will give the farm owners a $2400 tax credit for each felon hired. This will hasten the hiring of citizens into the farming industry and other industries.
Unfortunately, the WOTC is set to expire on Aug 31st, 2011. This law is vital to the economic growth of Georgia and if the federal government doesn't extend it, then Georgia needs to formulate its own law to help felons achieve employment. Georgia state taxes aren't high enough in the first place for this to work as a tax credit. Georgia will have to actually pay employers to hire felons and stimulate the economy.