Mandate Micro Water Recycling for Atlanta [10/22/10]

As Atlanta's population grows, it will need an increasingly large supply of fresh water. One potential plan is to build pipelines that would hijack water from other water basins, depriving those areas of their natural supply. In those areas, this could interfere with operations from farming to electrical supply. Then, as time goes by, a new water capacity will be reached and Atlanta will have to build yet another pipeline from a different water basin.
We need a smarter solution. Atlanta needs to be able to recycle the water it already has. Everything from large buildings to suburban neighborhoods should have their own water treatment plants to recycle the water that flows from sinks, basins, tubs, toilets, and anything else. In addition, they should also have equipment that collects rain water. To solve Atlanta's water crisis, buildings and communities must have self-contained water systems.
-by Bill Bolton and Will Bolton