Support Grassroots Unions:
Worker Rights [10/30/10]

America needs to pass legislation to protect the rights of workers*. They should be supported and protected when forming grassroots unions.
The BP oil spill could have been prevented with legislation to protect grassroots unions. The workers in the gulf were scared of being fired by BP and couldn't speak up about all the regulations that were being violated. If a BP whistleblower would have been in a union he would have had the collective support and power of the other workers, making it harder for management to fire or ostracizing him. Whistleblower laws are a powerful shield that protects citizens from corporate tyranny, but it can only truly exist in a unionized environment.
Small, grassroots unions should be treated differently than the large, monopolistic unions that one usually associates with the word union. Grassroots unions should be able to fight corporations without the government getting involved. However, when monopolistic unions fight similarly monopolistic corporations, the government sometimes needs to referee. Also, grassroots unions need to be cautious enough in their demands to ensure the company to which the workers belong is competitive with the other companies in the same industry. 

* Union workers may include technical professionals like engineers and medical doctors who belong to their own professional organizations which can act as unions, but unions are more focused on the management and ownership of a company.

-by Bill Boston and Will Boston