Are Democrats Gaining?

Upbeat reports on July 27 2006:

"Dear MoveOn member, Did you hear NPR this morning? They released a new poll showing that in the top 50 House races, voters choose Democrats over Republicans by a big margin."

"There's a wave of change poised to sweep the nation ... "


The wave of change is also happening on the other side.

Federal Voting Act

If Bush is sponsoring this then you know this should be called "let's dupe the blacks", yet all the duped were on the South Lawn listening to Bush with respect. Also, Bush spoke to the national NAACP meeting last month.

With another GOD-Nation versus the JJ-Nation front, Sean Hannity continues to declare liberals are nonbelievers, at least that is what he said on the radio when he was at a New Jersey rally. This plays right into blacks who love their church, an entity being taken over by the GOD-Nation.

For an aside on the black churches, I was campaigning at a forum sponsored by NAACP chapter of Dekalb County, Georgia. Afterwards, I had many wanting my literature and a 70 year old lady say that finally someone has come with some new direction. It is the 70 year old that keeps me going -- someone who obviously saw the civil rights expansion of the 1960's.


This time Bush did not start the current war between Irael and Hezbollah in Lebanon, from what we know. However, we will be told that to save the world we need to stand by our President and elect Republican legislators.


Bush is taking borrowed money and pumping it into the economies of the States. In Georgia, the F-22 fighter plane has been in full swing, which, from what I hear, affects other states. The point is that Georgia looks like it is in good shape economically, which is also credited to a Republican Governor.


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