Reverend Nelson Price and GOD-Nation

Article by Bill Bolton, Marietta, Georgia.
July 29, 2006

Price's Article and Quick Response

Nelson Price, paster emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church, wrote an article for the Marietta Daily Journal, July 09, 2006, titled:

"Jefferson's faith key to his character, Declaration":

His position supports the GOD-Nation and attacks the JJ-Nation. GOD stands for Globally Ordained Denominations and JJ stands for Jefferson Jackson. Each Nation is composed of indirect conspirators and each Nation represents their own brand of leadership and direction for our country and the world.

Price says about Jefferson:

"Records show he attended church regularly, always carrying with him his prayer book. ... "

However, Price fails to mention that Jefferson was a staunch supporter of separation of church and state. The encyclopedia of American History, Harper and Brothers, 1953, says:

"In 1779 an Ordinance of Religious Freedom written by Jefferson was proposed in the Virginia legislature and failed ... ".

Expanding Price's Work

Adding more details of Price's article, we expand his quote:

"Reflect on one of those five men, Thomas Jefferson. I have an old volume entitled `Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United Sates,` first published in 1864. This was before revisionist historians began to rewrite and misrepresent events about Jefferson and his day. Many have been led to believe he was hostile to Christianity."

50 Years Late

By Price bringing up history not from Jefferson's time but 50 years after Jefferson, and by indicating that Jefferson "attended church regularly", Price is trying to create a fact. He is trying to indicate that the Declaration shows we are religious and that we should live in a theocracy. Meaning the GOD-Nation should control.

A note: back to the early 1860's, the GOD Nation got free advertising by having, for the first time, "In God We Trust" put on our coins. The approval of such occurred during the civil war, which was the time when Price's reference book was written and was a time when Lincoln was desperate for soldiers.

Swapping Declaration for Constitution

Price reverts to the Declaration of Independence to give him legal strength as if it were our nation's Constitution. That is why his article's title has the word Declaration in it.

Price and others in Cobb County Georgia, where Marietta is located, are trying to show that the Declaration of Independence was a work of Christians and it was setting the stage that the U.S. should be a theocracy.

So, out of desperation, they are making Jefferson a religious man, probably a Christian, and indicating that Jefferson authored the Constitution. Jefferson did not author it, he drafted it, meaning he pulled at least 56 opinions into one document. Furthermore, it was a document to terminate the past, not to determine the future.

Terminating Christian Actions

To terminate the past, as the Declaration did, could have also meant to terminate Christians acting like they are God, terminate Christians thinking everyone else deserves to be hated, and terminating their special government loopholes. If nothing else, these are actions needing to be terminated today. As Price wrote, "Many have been led to believe he (Jefferson) was hostile to Christianity." It sure is understandable. Where there is smoke there is fire. Figuratively, some tables need to be kicked over. A nontechnical reference is Stop GOD Deceivers

GOD-Nation Tricks

The point here is that the GOD-Nation people will use any trick to twist the truth, and the truth being twisted here is to tell the people that our Declaration of Independence is our Constitution.


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