Laptops, Johnstone and GOD-Nation

by Bill Bolton, July 30, 2006


In Cobb County Georgia, the school board was trying to provide laptop computers for all their students. The students could even take the laptops home.

Kathie Johnstone, a school board member, District 6, spearheaded the project which eventually died because of several factors. She is now running for re-election in the Republican primary against a Reverend Crooks.

Reverend Crooks is an associate pastor at Roswell Street Baptist Church, a large church in Marietta.

Laptop Project Enveloped in Secrecy

Underlying the laptop was the element of secrecy. This came about because of implementing a management program to remove the board from daily issues and because of some closed door sessions. In one secret meeting, a group recommended two other venders above Apple, the computer company the laptop project recommended.

Secrecy for Vendor Apple

I witnessed a desire by several in the project to want Apple to be the vender to supply the laptops. The Apple is a more expensive computer and is less popular, but is more secure.

Because of mass popularity of other computers, those wanting the Apple may have preferred to keep operations secret.

Secrecy for Morals Teaching

Because the laptop was to be going home with the children, it could became the sole communication device for the students. Consequently, it had the potential to teach the children moral values, or specifically, Christian moral values.

Invariably, there is a secrecy when it comes to teaching morals because someone might consider the teaching brainwashing.

Secrecy for GOD-Nation Teachings

The question that does not seem to be answered, is whether the GOD-Nation [1] machine was involved in the secrecy. More specifically, was the Bush GOD-Nation machine involved, because his administration is always cloaked in secrecy and tricks.

Note that the GOD-Nation members want the schools to be teaching Christianity morals. That is about 50% of the population. Remember the 2006 Georgia legislature approved teaching the Christian Bible in the public schools.

Johnstone Wants Church Separation

Johnstone's answer to using the computer for moral Christian teaching comes from a section in the Marietta Daily Journal named Around Town and written by Bill Kinney. An excerpt, originating from a supporter of Johnstone, says:

"Let's be sure we keep religion in our place of worship ... NOT in Cobb County Schools."

Such a statement could be suicide in this County.

Roswell Street Baptist Church

Because Reverend Crooks is at Roswell then there is a good chance that he is influenced by a GOD-Nation mentality.
I have already written two articles mentioning Roswell Street Baptist Church:
Church Building -- About churches taking over the City of Marietta.
Reverend Nelson Price and GOD-Nation. -- The twisting of our Constitution to justify theocracy.

Roswell Stronger via MDJ

Not only does Roswell have strong power from the GOD-Nation, Roswell has a direct entry into a section of the Marietta Daily Journal which allows Reverend Nelson Price to write articles as if he were a political commentary. For Johnstone, bringing up the "religion card", was not an option. She was forced to choose a JJ-Nation position just to compete with the GOD-Nation association of Crooks. Since Republicans are controlled by the GOD-Nation, and the Democrats also but to a lesser extent, this might look like she is doomed?

A way Out, Ralph Reed Loss

Ralph Reed's loss was a possible signal that the people are tired of the GOD-Nation controlling everything. Also, my running for Governor and publicly introducing the term GOD-Nation exposes the existence of the GOD-Nation.

Was Johnstone Stopping the GOD-Nation?

Some questioned why Johnstone tried to push the laptop control behind closed doors, others wanted open discussions from groups. Maybe Johnstone was trying to protect the laptops from having moral beliefs put on the computers by the masses, many of which are members of the GOD-Nation.

Democrats need to help Johnstone

Because of Johnstone's statement about the freedom of religion, Johnstone will need support by Democrats who have not already voted as Democrats in this primary. If Reverend Crooks beats Johnstone, the already strong Republicans and GOD-Nation supporters will make Crooks a shoo-in against Democrat Dr. Beth Farokhi, in spite of her high qualifications!!!

Civil Liberty Republicans Please Vote for Johnstone

Johnstone is forced into a JJ-Nation stance, against Reverend Crooks GOD-Nation stance. Civil Liberty Republicans need to help Johnstone.


[1] GOD-Nation -- Are those that want world theocracy.
[2] JJ-Nation -- Are those wanting the individual to be independently strong allowing civil liberties.